About Me


Hello, and thanks for visiting my website!

I’m Emma, and I’m writer specializing in various fields of communication, including both professional and creative writing as well as editorial work.

I’m a graduate of the University of Northwestern, St. Paul, where I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a writing emphasis. I hope to pursue my Masters degree in writing within the next two years.

I’ve worked in companies’ marketing departments, where I’ve composed and edited company websites, advertising copy, and social media content, I’ve served as a head editor at Inkstone Literary Magazine, and I’ve worked as a Teaching Assistant for two years at my University within the English department. My writing has appeared in Upwrite Magazine, Inkstone Literary Magazine, and The Perham Focus.

As for other tidbits about me, I love old Audrey Hepburn films, classic jazz, Much Ado About Nothing, and filling my unoccupied time with books. I’m a lover of words and sentences, and I believe that an effective mastery of language is the greatest source of power and beauty humankind holds.

Please feel free to peruse these pages of writings, check out my assortment of samples, and see what there is to see. You may just find what you’re looking for.


Emma Sweere

To read more of my writing, visit my personal blog at https://emmasharon.wordpress.com